Holistic education and competences recognition integrated process

The Educator as a facilitator of self-recognition of competences
Competences of the creative educator and competences of the participant meet

Use simple tools

Starting the transformative journey

The self-recognition process of competences is integrated into the educational process and you can facilitate the adult agency dimension of each learner

Competence is considered a suitcase-concept,
difficult to define, recognize, describe




Stimulating questions

Open storytelling

Every stage of the journey

Opening safe space of freedom

Many possible endings


1) I recognize what I have learned in the past and what I would like to learn

2) I have transformative experiences

3) I recognize the new learning

4) I own and incorporate the new

5) I know I own it

6) I plan how to use it tomorrow

7) I can prove that I have used it: when, how, why




How to Reflect Effectively

According to Schön, there are two types of reflection, one during and one after an activity or event.

Reflection In-Action
When you are thinking about or reflecting while you are in an activity, you are using reflection in-action. Some reflection include:

Thinking on your feet
Thinking about what to do next
Acting straight away

Reflection On-Action
You can do reflect-on-action once the activity has finished based on what you can remember about it. Step back into the experience, explore your memory and retrieve what you can recall. Reflect and understand what has happened and draw lessons from the experience.
Thinking about something that has happened
Thinking what you would do differently next time
Taking your time

Examples to Reflect Effectively

 Before the Experience
Think about the things that could have happened.
What are the things that you feel might be a challenge?
The things that you can do to prepare for these experiences.

 During the Experience
Observe what is happening at the moment, as you make a particular decision.
Is it working out as expected? Are you dealing with the challenges well?
Is there anything you should do, say or think to make the experience successful?

 After the Experience
Describe your thoughts immediately after, and/or later when you have more emotional distance from the event.
Is there anything you would do differently before or during a similar event?
What are the takeaways from this experience/lesson?

Continuing the transformative journey

Each element can be added and moved around within any page effortlessly. All the features you need are just one click away.


It may be useful to evaluate your path, also by answering the following questions:

What happened?
– Use the words that come to your mind to describe the entire experience or moments that are particularly important to you

How did you feel? (emotions, sensations, body)
–       What emotions did you feel?
–      What sensations?
–      What information did you get through your body?

When did you feel activated?
– Do you remember the moment when you felt that the experiences you were participating in had “taken” you? that your interest had been captured? That you were able to be active in the experience?

What do you feel you have learned?
–       What did you learn to do-think through the body?
–       How would you describe what you have learned? Use the words that come to your mind to describe

Now try to describe it like this: now I feel capable / able to… ..verb… .complemento….

What is the added value of this experience in terms of personal transformation?
–       Do you feel you have opened up new opportunities in your life?
–       Can you catch a glimpse of them already?
–       How would you describe them? Use the words that come to your mind to describe

Did you perceive changes in the group you shared the experience with?
–       If so, which ones? How would you describe them? Use the words that come to your mind to describe

What are the critical issues / difficulties you encountered?
–       How would you describe them? Use the words that come to your mind to describe
–       How did you deal with them? Use the words that come to your mind to describe

 What do you plan to do after this experience?
– How do you think you can translate it into action?


Coming home with the certificate

Could be a certificate of attendance, an open badge, a micro-credential certificate, a portfolio of competences, ecc.