The art of change is dedicated to “artists and creative educators”
who can be inspired by CLEA approach,

using materials, planning the educational path with their participants
as a personalized, fruitful and accessible journey

Learners need to develop a sense of themselves in the world. In order to adapt to complexity and uncertainty, and be able to help shape a better future, every learner needs to be equipped with certain transformative competencies.

These specific competencies are transformative both because they enable learners to develop and reflect on their own perspective, and because they are necessary for learning how to shape and contribute to a changing world.

Creating new value, taking responsibility, and reconciling conflicts, tensions and dilemmas are essential for thriving in and helping shape the future.

New  professional  and educational opportunities for artists and creative educators, the art of change:

  • Providing informal learning in new educational environments
  • Ensuring prompt communication with  learners
  • Using  innovative multimedia training  tools
  • Networking between organizations of different sectors 
  • Increasing the work opportunities
  •  Combining  real  and virtual  space (hybrid environment and blended creative/learning opportunities). 

Be a creative educator in

Community Living Educ-Actions open ecosystems 

that involve and motivate the innovation processes of the participants,
stimulate collaboration between citizens, facilitate and accelerate creation and sustainability
of new socio-economic, educational and healthy living models .