Community Living Education

Transforming is the path

Education is the transforming path.
Free education for a free spirit world.

What is CLEA, Community Living Educ-Action Project?

The art of change: Transform ourself, transform the world.
Living education (is) the key of change.

The art of change

An opportunity to exchange methods, techniques and ideas through art and education for social improvement.

Sharing experiences and knowledge

A learning network and community-based social innovation. A strategy to learn from life.

Empowerment through networking

Education is the transforming path. Free education for a free spirit world.

Is it possible to demonstrate how we can respond to social and educational problems by supporting positive change in adult education policy at local, national and international levels?

The CLEA project network is determined to consolidate an inclusive and multi-agent methodology for adult education in the EU, based on a multiplicity of disciplines and languages, addressing poverty and adult educational exclusion through an innovative strategy and inclusive community learning environments.

The CLEA project aims to help, extend and develop the skills of the educators and other professionals, through processes of active and participatory citizenship; integrate teaching / learning methods through different languages and transformative experiences.

The CLEA project will identify successful processes and methodologies in participatory community paths, improving informal learning, also through the recognition of developed transformative competences.

Community Living Educ-Actions are privileged environments as they are open ecosystems
that involve and motivate the innovation processes of the participants, stimulate collaboration between citizens, facilitate and accelerate the creation and sustainability of new socio-economic, educational and healthy living models .


Artists and educators can use THE ART OF CHANGE resources to design and implement new “tailored” creative learning paths

The CLEA Project deals with the topic of adult education with an innovative and engaging approach. The initial impression is that this is a context for hyperspecialists and it may seem challenging to become familiar with the logic of the project. But, after the first moment, due to the specialization of the area, the richness, topicality and depth of contents and proposals, we are passionate about the proposal of the CLEA .- Community Living EducAction approach as a whole.

Maria Consiglia Vantaggiato

IT Learning process expert

"The CLEA project has been very productive. The partners have done an excellent job and here we have seen some of their results through practice. Regarding the contents, it was very positive to insert examples of activities and to have examples of tools / resources. It is clearly specified what you intend to do with the competences (recognition and transformation). "

Giorgio Casula

PT Anthropologis

Sometimes with the art we have difficulties to describe what it can do for people which are challenge in one way or another. But as I see it the CLEA Method is a concrete framework which help us to understand it in an intellectual way. With the CLEA framework we suddenly have a more specific language so we can talk together as professionals across disciplines.

Anna Daub Svanholt

DK Director at Ishøj School of Culture and Music

The CLEA project responds to the education and development needs of contemporary society. In recent years we have witnessed a profound transformation of the social structure and accelerated development in every sector. In the face of a context that has profoundly changed in a few decades, the educational agencies known up to now have appeared insufficient to respond to the needs for a harmonious and harmonious development of young people with the external environment.

Rosanna De Paolis

IT Expert in training, development and selection of Human Resources


CLEA is an approach to adult education addressing the need to develop transformative competences for a better future: centrality of awareness in order to create value, live together and share, take responsibility, reconcile conflicts and dilemmas.

CLEA is designed for educators and those who have the will to believe they can change their condition and participate in a growing community.
CLEA offers educators, social workers and artists, tools and best practices for the development of competences and personal and professional growth.

CLEA acts on educational poverty using artistic / creative languages based on the pleasure of doing, overcoming the boundaries of cultures, religions, genders, socio-economic and health conditions.

CLEA chooses the metaphor of the journey where each arrival is a new departure, with the intention of strengthening the courage to act for one’s own well-being in a civil coexistence.

Freedom of expression facilitates authenticity and awareness through relationships of esteem, trust, understanding.

The suspension of judgment in artistic practice and the enhancement of the “present” moment create a “safe space” in which to explore new points of view and imagine new perspectives.

The educator learns and transmits the welcome with the body, the listening with the contact, the enhancement of attitudes in view of new competences

In CLEA’s journey there is an invitation to welcome doubt, uncertainty as fertile ground and not as an obstacle.

Only through the crisis and the reflection on possible new motivations can the concreteness of change be reached.

Being creators, practically, and not just creative, in order to be able to imagine and realize a shared vision that always takes into account the differences of individuals, but which builds a common path of well-being for the body and soul, for the individual and the community.


CLEA è un approccio all’educazione degli adulti che si occupa della necessità di sviluppare le competenze trasformative per un futuro migliore: centralità della consapevolezza al fine di creare valore, convivere e condividere, assumersi responsabilità, riconciliare conflitti e dilemmi.


CLEA é uma abordagem de educação de adultos que trata da necessidade de desenvolver habilidades transformadoras para um futuro melhor: centralizada na consciência da criação de valores, conviver e compartilhar, assumir responsabilidades, resolver conflitos e dilemas.


CLEA er en tilgang til voksenundervisning som går ud på at udvikle transformative kompetencer til en bedre fremtid: Udgangspunktet er bevidstheden om at man skal kunne skabe værdi, leve sammen med andre, tage ansvar og klare konflikter og dilemmaer.


Το CLEA απευθύνεται σε εκπαιδευτικούς και αφορά στην ανάπτυξη ικανοτήτων που προωθούν τη μεταμορφωτική εμπειρία στην εκπαίδευση. Αναφέρεται σε όλους όσους αισθάνονται την ανάγκη να να πιστέψουν ότι μπορούν να αλλάξουν την οποιαδήποτε προσωπική συνθήκη τους δυσκολεύει και να συμμετέχουν σε μια αναπτυσσόμενη κοινότητα.

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