Community Living Education

Transforming is the path

Education is the transforming path.
Free education for a free spirit world.

What is CLEA, Community Living Educ-Action Project?

The art of change: Transform ourself, transform the world.
Living education (is) the key of change.

The art of change

An opportunity to exchange methods, techniques and ideas through art and education for social improvement.

Sharing experiences and knowledge

A learning network and community-based social innovation. A strategy to learn from life.

Empowerment through networking

Education is the transforming path. Free education for a free spirit world.

Is it possible to demonstrate how we can respond to social and educational problems by supporting positive change in adult education policy at local, national and international levels?

The CLEA project network is determined to consolidate an inclusive and multi-agent methodology for adult education in the EU, based on a multiplicity of disciplines and languages, addressing poverty and adult educational exclusion through an innovative strategy and inclusive community learning environments.

The CLEA project aims to help, extend and develop the skills of the educators and other professionals, through processes of active and participatory citizenship; integrate teaching / learning methods through different languages and transformative experiences.

The CLEA project will identify successful processes and methodologies in participatory community paths, improving informal learning, also through the recognition of developed transformative competences.

Community Living Educ-Actions are privileged environments as they are open ecosystems
that involve and motivate the innovation processes of the participants, stimulate collaboration between citizens, facilitate and accelerate the creation and sustainability of new socio-economic, educational and healthy living models .

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