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Expert opinion by Anna Daub Svanholt  Denmark

When we use the tools of art, we can create the framework where everything is allowed. There is no right or wrong. For example, when we do drama exercises, we can go into another world where we can gain an understanding of ourselves and others. We can become confident in the use of the voice, which can help us become more confident in other situations. The immersion allows us to concentrate and “forget” our inner self for a while. By changing the focus from me and my challenges, we can, for example, by singing with others, create joy while training the function of the lungs. I have seen people go from teaching in choirs significantly happier and suddenly had the courage for new activities.

In the process of development, the community is of great importance. It can help to understand oneself in relation to others and as part of a community. From here, the decision to go from an “I’m having a hard time” to a part of something bigger where the actual development might take place.

Another powerful tool is instrumental teaching, which can take place both individually and with others, but also give the participants an opportunity for an activity that they can do alone and develop further so they can play with other. The decision to practice so that one can be part of the community can be a start to a greater transformation.

Sometimes with the art we have difficulties to describe what it can do for people which are challenge in one way or another. But as I see it the CLEA Method is a concrete framework which help us to understand it in an intellectual way. With the CLEA framework we suddenly have a more specific language so we can talk together as professionals across disciplines.

by Anna Daub Svanholt Director at Ishøj School of Culture and Music Denmark


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