Sintagmi is a social enterprise, founded in 1998, working as a consulting firm with public bodies, institutions, universities, research centers and companies, at national and international level: for private companies, in the design, organization and evaluation of production processes, for public bodies, in policies and services design, capacity building, gender analysis. It has large experience in professional training and adult education, international cooperation, project management and in health and safety, innovation, well-being in organizational contests. Deals with social innovation, urban and social regeneration.
The firm carry out non-profit business and facilities, as well as cultural activities of social interest with educational and health promotion purposes.
Strategic assets: International networking, validated methodological tools, social communication, gender approach and diversity management, integrated learning, stakeholder engagement, action research and transdisciplinary approach, change management.


Spazio Seme is an International Artistic Center founded in 2012 by Leonardo Lambruschini, Gianni Bruschi and Francesco Botti in Arezzo, Tuscany. Spazio Seme is managed by Seme s.n.c., a cultural enterprise that operates in the world of art and entertainment conceiving, conveying, facilitating opportunities for exchanges and collaboration among several Italian and international cultural bodies and people.
Its seat is a certified public showroom, with a capacity of 100 seats, a bar, a waiting room and outdoor spaces, reading and writing rooms, co-working service, a costume room, and equipped changing rooms.
Seme uses organization and production models that aim at being able to sustain themselves; self-sustaining economics is in fact a precondition for producing a non-conformist, satisfying cultural offer, with the potential of stimulating further creative achievements.
Spazio Seme deals with intertwining artistic languages displayed in courses and classes for children, adolescents and adults SUCH AS: Theater, Voice and Singing, Contact Improvisation Dance, Contemporary Dance, Creative Writing, Capoeira, Samba, Swing, PlayContact, ContaKids, English for children, Yoga, Pilates, Thai Chi.
Seme snc is one of the reference centers for Contact Improvisation dance worldwide. It hosted artistic residences and intensive workshops with internationally renowned dancers.
Seme snc also organizes classes for public schools where Gianni, Leonardo and Francesco, apply their artistic skills in order to facilitate the process of growth and self-training. Of particular importance are the courses that involve young people with autism spectrum disorders.


Advice about: Change management, project management, leadership coaching, pschycology of leadership, organizational psychology, stress handling.


QUILOMBO LAB is a non-governmental organisation established in 2018 in the center of Athens aiming to become a platform of meeting people from different cultural backgrounds, promoting the fermentation of different arts and techniques. New forms of arts and training methods have been explored highlighting the contemporary culture of downtown Athens in the rest of Greece and abroad. Basic principle of the laboratory structure is the bridging of the contemporary element with tradition, the search of high art diodes in popular culture and vice versa, the search for new, innovative work systems and models, and the development of collective feeling as a means of cultural value and personal well-being and health.
The scope of the company is based on performing arts, expanding in research and understanding and ending in communities. As a subsidiary association of QUILOMBO, the laboratory has organized countless of workshops, seminars, festivals and events since 2004 collaborating with various public and private entities such as Athens Municipality, School of Fine Arts and Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC).


The Six House – Association for Community Development was established in 2000 and registered as IPSS – Private Institution of Social Solidarity in 2001. Headquartered in Mira Sintra, the organisation works for the perspective to improve the quality of life and the conditions of social integration of the people of Mira Sintra area, following the principles of Education for Active Citizenship, so that people with immigrant background can participate and act as equal members of the society. Our target groups are dweller of Mira Sintra starting from small children to elderly people. We can see results of our work: it is great to follow how the children grow and make their school careers with confidence and success, our young people achieve ever higher levels within the school, our families and adults participate in specific activities for them (computer courses, embroidery group, gymnastics …).
As a tradition we carry out community workshops: set of actions directed exclusively to adults, who want to promote greater community integration activities aimed at integration into the host community of individuals from different social contexts, and promote adherence (embroidery group, computer training, creative workshops, gymnastics, table games, several workshops).
The Mission Casa Seis aims to improve the quality of life and the conditions of social integration of the people of Mira Sintra area. Follows the principles of Education for Active Citizenship, guiding the population to participate effectively intervening in society as citizens with full rights.
Our role in the project is to be a dedicated partner and participate in planning, realisation, dissimination, reporting and evaluation activities.