Sociologist, Qigong trainer

Paola Conti is CEO of Sintagmi impresa sociale Ltd: social innovation, consulting, research and training firm. Sociologist of health, she collaborates as senior consultant and independent expert, with public bodies, companies, universities and research centers.
She facilitate the processes of organizational innovation and competences development in companies and organizations. She deals with public policies (health, social, educational and labor policies), expert in EU validated methodologies as well as in gender policies. She is a IHUPE global registered health education and promotion practitioner. Specialized in integrated medicine, professional teacher of TCM and Qigong (in Italy and China). She takes part in several international networks and projects. She deals with social communication and popular science: author of several books, articles, web-magazines. (IT) www.contipaola.weebly.com


Sociologist, musician

Lucia Attimonelli, Sociologist – Work and Organization Specialization, senior training process expert, trainer, evaluator. Mentor in the Erasmus + Program “EC-YC” Project (Extended Choiches for Young People in VET, Key Action 2 Strategic Partnership) aimed at experimenting the COLLABORATIVE MENTORING approach with young NEETs on the basis of the model shared by a European network of subjects with consolidated experience of training and work programs and services. In continuity with the success of the CO-MENT model in Northern Ireland developed by the GEMS coordinator in Belfast, the project envisaged the experimentation of both the mixed modality for the relationship with young people (in presence and at a distance), and of innovative tools designed ad hoc for the analysis and assessment of skills and for the supervision of motivational aspects.



Actor, Singer

He is a founding member and artistic director of Spazio Seme – International Art Center in Arezzo. He graduated in Literary and History of Theater and Entertainment at the University of Siena. He has carried out thirty years of activity, studying and working with numerous Italian and international artists. He has obtained the qualification of Community Animator and Training Expert on the profile of the Tuscany Region and the European Community. He has directed ensembles with international musicians, dancers and actors, through workshops linked to the Italian expressive culture, creating collective creations, performances, concerts and shows in numerous festivals both in Italy and in Mediterranean countries such as France, Germany, Egypt, Albania, Greece, Morocco, Tunisia, Spain, India. He has been a lecturer since 2006 at the Arezzo Academy of Art, accredited to American universities and colleges. He is a member of Oida Orchestra In-Stabile of Arezzo, of Arezzo Psychosynthesis, professional counselor at SIPT Institute of Psychosynthesis in Florence.


Actor, director and writer

He is a founding member and artistic director of Spazio Seme – International Art Center in Arezzo, where he conducts acting courses and workshops and directs the Cantiere di Storie, a section dedicated to creative writing. He began his theatrical activity in 1990 and attended the Paolo Grassi School of Dramatic Art in Milan. He studied with Kuniaki Ida and Giampiero Solari. He has participated in national and international theatrical productions. Since 2002 he has curated with Gianni Bruschi “Terìaca – Mediterranean Mosaic”, a project to revalue the popular culture of Italy and the Mediterranean through the production of theater-dance shows and ateliers, in Italy and abroad. In May 2011 his first book entitled “Di corsa, diisco” was released for Guanda editrice. (1st Prize Minerva – Giugliano). He is the author of short stories, novels and plays. He has published for Tea-Libri, Felici Editore, Giorgi Editore. He currently publishes for Oakmond Publishing.


Performer and teacher

He is a founding member and artistic director of Spazio Seme – International Art Center in Arezzo. In the center he creates research opportunities, teaches, organizes and curates festivals, intensive workshops, performances, artistic productions, residencies, particularly in the dance, movement and improvisation sectors.
He designs and conducts courses for children: ContaKids, PlayContact. He teaches Contact Improvisation for adults and students, in Italy and abroad. He is strongly attracted by the dimension of travel and in recent years he has taught in festivals and conducted intensive movement workshops in Italy, India, France, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Greece, Denmark, Russia, Georgia, Ireland, Mexico, Argentina, Chile. and Brazil. Since 2013 he has been one of the founders and organizers of Italy Contact Fest, an international Contact Improvisation festival.

Consulting Company Ivan Häuser


CEO Consultant specialised in psychology of leadership and education
Management Psychology and Organizational Development
20 years of experience with courses, workshops and lectures for ministries, agencies and private companies. Post doc at Copenhagen Business School and external associate professor at the Danish Institute for Study Abroad
Stress management Projects for stress prevention and promotion of mental health in collaboration with www.sumondo.co . Certificate from Thauer stress center
Cultural change Workshops: Organization workshop and When cultures meet in collaboration with www.cnergi.nu
Danish lessons for foreigners 
Responsible for summer course in Danish language and culture for university students at the Danish Cultural Institute, www.danishculture.com
Projects in Russia and Russian-speaking countries 
Project manager for the EU and the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Russia and Kazakhstan. Assistance to Danish companies in the Russian market in collaboration with Vitus Bering Management, Moscow, www.vitusbm.ru


Specialised in education research, observation and evaluation.



Theater director, performer, art-director

Neli Poulopoulou is a theater director, performer, member of the board and art director of QUILOMBO LAB. She has graduated with excellence the Art School of Charles Kun. Neli has performed theater and dance performances, interactive and site-specific performances in theater organizations, in public and private places. She has worked as an art director, actor, dancer and performer in theatrical organisations such as Roes Theater, Fournos, Argo, Booze Cooperativa, Badminton, Art factory and festivals such as Athens and Epidaurus Festivals, National Theater of Poland GRECJI, Aeschylis Eisleys, Festival of Greek Choreographers. She teaches theater and dance seminars in private, public places and outside and has collaborated with institutions such as the National Kapodistrian University of Athens and Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC). She is a co-founder of the Quilombo Cultural Center and a member of the Disabled Artists Movement. Her latest performances are the trilogy “Human zoos”: The cage – The interview – The human (Art factory, public places 2016, 2017, TV Control Center 2018), “Au Talk”, a performance based on the automatic speech and pray (Quilombo Centro Cultural 2019) and Mother/Wife/ Freedom Butoh performance (public place, Lefkada 2020).


Body knowledge instructor-performer

Natasha Poulopoulou is a Body knowledge instructor-performer. She started as an athlete – runner in 100m. She studied PHYSICAL EDUCATION in Athens University specializing in gymnastics and rhythmic gymnastics. Since 1990 up to now, she is being in children and adults’ education in public and private schools and organisations, incorporating elements from modern dance, theater and music and movement education. She has also collaborated as a performer in theatrical and music groups.

Natasha has been trained in physical theater practices of ODIN THEATER with Roberta Carreri, Torgeir Wethal and Anna Maxairopoulou, acting and improvisation with Tapa Sudana, Butoh Dance and Atsushi Takenouchi. Her integration into the dance theater group of Allo OMMA was definitive for the artistic education as she took part in theater performances and street theater performances participating in festivals in Greece and abroad.

From 2003 until 2005 she created the artistic research laboratory called “Free expression” aiming to explore the means with which body languages is being decrypted in order to lead to the free expression. Together with the other participants she created the performance “Small snapshots in the supervision of time” based on the book “The supervision of moment” of Gaston Bachelard.

Since 2001, Natasha has been working on Afro Brazilian percussion instruments and followed seminars and teaching in practice with Ravi Magnifique (Ιnternational percasionist) and Samba Instructors and samba reggae mestre Marivaldo (ILE AYE), Gimba Gonzalvez (Batala) and Marquinho, “Curisica”. She has taken part in the musical schemes “Batuca”, “Samba Axe” and she has been a fundamental member of Quilombo percussion group, participating in many lives, music dance shows festivals, events and workshop in whole Greece.

During the last ten years, Natasha has been intensively teaching Hatha Yoga, by combining her scientific training in relation to the body and her empirical knowledge on alternative therapies. She has organized and coordinated seminars emphasizing in Yoga therapeutic character entitled “Chakras Healing Journey” and festival of alternative therapies “Cure Area” in Quilombo Cultural Centre.

Since 2017 up to now, Natasha is a fundamental administrative member of Quilombo Lab. She organizes courses, seminars, festivals, events, theatrical and dance performances in Quilombo premises and other places in Athens and whole Greece. Natasha has collaborated with public and private organisations such as Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC) and the advertising company “Reason 2”.



Technical Director

She was born in Brazil, more precisely in São Luís do Maranhão, an island situated 2 degrees above the Equator, an island full of legends, myths and mysteries. She grew up in the middle of this fantastic universe and was influenced by the magic of sounds, colors and the richness of Ludovicfolklore, which is perpetuated in her imaginary. She began to photograph at the age of 17, seeking to capture the beauty of so much diversity, of so many mixtures, of the culture of the Indian of the earth, of the black, slave, of the caboclo, mixture of peoples and Portuguese colonizer. Her theme of predilection has always been the elements of this multicultural universe, however, she sought in many trips to broaden this interest, mainly focused on human diversity. At the age of 24 she emigrates to Portugal and discovers much of São Luís in Portuguese blue-shop and in some folk lobes. Graduated in Educational Sciences and with specialization in Psychopedagogy, working at Casa Seis for 20 years (Technical Director). However, contact with African culture took place a long time ago and his interest only grew by working directly with. It develops with the population of African immigrant origin of the PALOP and roma population, a work of development of personal and social skills with artistic activities: theater and dance, music, and plastic expression. With the same group also develops other literacy skills (school support, adult literacy, digital literacy, etc.).


Social worker

Marta Mendes has been a Social Worker for 16 years and has worked at Casa Seis – Association for Community Development for 12 years. She arrived at Casa Seis, already with the interest and taste for social work with families, but it was here that she broadened her interest by intervening with the community. For this reason, she specialized in Community Psychology and Protection of Children and Young People. Of the projects she was involved in, she highlights as the most important: the co-creation of Entre Pais / Entre Pares, which intervenes with parents and children and in the parental relationship ; the Project InterPais that made it possible to bring the Entre Pais/Entre Pares to Cape Verde and allowed the publication of the article “InterPais-Uma Intervenção em Cabo Verde”. Another important project was the assembly with the community of an exhibition about Cape Verde at the Sintra Arts Museum (MU.SA) and the co-dinamization of the Batuko group and the women’s theater group, taking to the stage “Cape Verde: Nha Terra , Nha Tradicon” which received an honorable mention. She was also a trainer, in the area of social and human sciences, for unemployed adults. In addition to these projects in his professional life, he also highlights as a child his attendance at the Musical Institute, where he learned music and a musical instrument.