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How I use the CLEA approach in my work – Francesco Botti Seme Italy

The CLEA project concerns adult education and is based on the implementation of new competences or the strengthening of the aforementioned competences, including through the use of body languages ​​and artistic practices.

I use the CLEA approach within creative writing groups. I do it first of all through the enhancement of different attitudes and competences. I try to invite the conscience and awareness of one’s strengths to intercept the weakest points with an attitude of investigation and discovery of individual possibilities that transform and connect with each other.

CLEA suggests that investigation and research never reach an absolute definition, but intend to be the basis on which there is a continuous sowing of stimuli and suggestions.

In written composition a story is never finished. The end is decided for the delivery of the manuscript, but there is the awareness that you can still add or remove, reflect on the points of view, on the style, on the ending.

I think CLEA for conflict resolution in the creation process. An invitation to accept doubt, perplexity as fertile ground and not as an impediment. Only through the crisis and the reflection on the possible reasons do I reach the condition of creation. It is necessary to be creators, concretely, and not just creative. Creation passes through doubt because there is the overcoming of previous instances and the landing towards new points of view. In this I cultivate and invite others to confront, to grow in terms of awareness in order to be able to imagine a shared vision that always takes into account the differences of individuals, but which builds a common path of well-being for the body and soul, for the individual and the community.

By Francesco Botti Seme – Italy


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