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How I use the CLEA approach in my work – Solange Aquino Portugal

In my work I use the CLEA approach. This approach aims to work with adults with the aim of promoting transformative competences using different artistic manifestations.
We work with women and girls, predominantly migrants, with Theater, Dance and Music (Batuko).

The use of this methodology allows:

  • Having a voice in the first person because you can talk about your aspirations, dreams, desires and even needs;
  • Demonstrate the competences they carry within themselves, so that they feel valued, and that they have a gratitude within their community and host culture;
  • That these people recognize that what you can do is “ART” and that it is important (for example, BATUKO);
  • Give freedom for them to decide what they want to do and autonomy to decide how far they want to go within the process;

With our intervention, what we do is:

  • As an educator, take a position of facilitator, in the process, where everyone is responsible for his or her growth.
  • Create an environment of trust and security, where people feel good, without judgment or criticism;
  • Respect the individuality of each one, allowing each one to progress at his own pace
  • Create moments of planning and evaluation together (involve them in the process);
  • Validate his competences and knowledge;
  • Valuing all progress

by Solange Aquino Casa Seis Portugal


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