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How I use the CLEA approach in my work – Neli Poulopoulou Greece

I will introduce to you the main methods used by the CLEA project, which I systematically use in my work, having seen the results they bring to people who want to improve their quality of life through art.

CLEA project is a research process on the transformational experience that education can offer. It can be applied to both adults and children, and can work in any field of education. The methodology of CLEA is based on empirical knowledge, the knowledge gained through overall experience in the educational process instead of only through the learning of the subject. One of the main activities of the CLEA project is to help eradicate educational poverty, by finding ways to cooperate with the authorities in order to give the opportunity to the people who need it the most to have access to education.

CLEA gives great importance to the learner’s identity and their uniqueness. The project aims to develop new ideas and values, to understand the skills and difficulties of each individual, and to seek motivation for the development of his personality, as well as for the continuation of educational procedure.

According to the principles of the CLEA project:

  1. The educator listens to the learner on an equal footing. He pays attention to the needs, desires, skills, and difficulties of each individual and adapts his/her instructions accordingly. The instructor is no longer a superior to whom the learner must obey, but an equal mentor with a friendly spirit.
  2. We place great importance on the present moment. Present is the time in which the experience takes place. It is at this moment that we are able to find all the fears and everything holding back the learner, and we are able to support them through their journey.
  3. The active participation of the body in the process is essential. When the learner uses the body during the learning process, it has been observed that their consciousness clears and their perception expands.
  4. Pleasure is very important in the work process. Through enjoyment the participant’s self-confidence increases and at the same time acquires a new motivation.

In modern times such methods and principles exist in education, although this happens more theoretically. I believe there is a need for physical training. The implementation of this kind of practice, according to the methods and values ​​of CLEA will open new horizons in education

by Neli Poloupoulou Quilombo Lab Greece


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