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Art Education Development

At the modern stage of social development, which is characterized by globalization and integration, an increase in the availability of information resources, means of communication, and the rapid development of technological innovations, a broad foundation  is  being  created  for  the  development  of  modern  updated  education paradigm.

This ensures the shaping of a highly professional, competent art critic of  a  new  generation,  capable  of  comprehending  traditional  works  and  the  latest achievements  of  artistic  science.

Such  specialist  will  be  able  to  generate  new ideas,  work  creatively  in  a  team,  use  innovative  approaches  during  educational activities in the renewed educational settings.

In  the  conditions  of  smart  learning,  new  perspectives  of  professional  and pedagogical/andragogical activity open up for a teacher of art:

Ensuring prompt communication with  learners;

use  of  information  and  communication  training  tools;

various types  of  multimedia;

application  of  technological  innovations;

creation  of  a network  for  the  exchange  of  information  between  other  educational  institutions and  the  establishment  of  cooperation  with  colleagues,  including  foreign  ones;

an increase  in  the  volume  of  independent  and  group  work;

combining  real  and virtual  space.

Smart society is characterized by rapid changes in the external environment, adaptation to  new  conditions,  and  independent  development.  In  accordance  with  this,  the tasks  of  higher  education  are  also  changing,  which  consists  in  preparing specialists  with  creative  potential,  capable  of  living  in  modern  conditions  of  the information society, able to work in a new way, changing the nature of interaction. The goal of smart learning is to provide future art experts with the skills necessary to carry out effective professional activities in a digital society and rapid economic development.





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