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Connecting with the others

A panel is used in the center of the room, or a separè, a screen where a person can go out of sight of the public (the others in the group, including the conductor)

The activity is a moment of presentation of oneself to the group, using a basic theatrical exercise that provides, at the level of arrangement in the space, the interaction between actor and audience.

The group sits in front of the panel, at a distance of at least 3/4 meters, so that a stage space is created for the presentation.

The stage space can be defined by the educator with three points on the ground, using, for example, a colored tape.

The first point one meter from the left side of the panel, the second point about two meters in front of the panel, towards the audience, the third one, one meter from the right side on the same line as the panel.

Whoever begins to introduce himself leaves the panel or separé, reaches the first point on the left, and meets one by one the eyes of all the participants (the others, the public).

Then he moves to the center in the second point, in front of the others and meets again, one by one, the eyes of each participant, after which he pronounces his name aloud accompanied by the sentence: “My name is (…) ”

Turning his back to the audience, the person goes to the third point to the right of the panel, returns to the front to meet again, one by one, the eyes of each participant.

He leaves the scene by going behind the screen.

This simple exercise allows everyone to experience the dimension of oneself in relation to others, in movement and in space.

A very useful exercise also to develop courage, the ability to stand in front of others and manage emotions.

If the room where the activity is carried out should not be equipped with a theatrical backdrop, a transportable panel or a screen, it is sufficient for those who present themselves to begin their action with their backs to the public.


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