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My body and space

Experiencing one’s body in space represents a gateway in order to reconnect with oneself, with one’s inner world and one’s self, developing the internal observer. Through the will to act “as if”, the exercise allows you to make contact with your senses, your emotions and feelings, desires, thoughts, intuitions and your own imagination.

An appropriate space is chosen.
The exercise is suitable for a group of at least 8 people.
We are distributed throughout the space, keeping distance from each other.
The feet are placed parallel and firmly rooted to the ground.
He imagines himself to be a tree and visualizes roots that from the soles of his feet sink into the ground.
You are invited to feel your body, clothes on the skin or parts that remain exposed to the air, such as the face and hands.
It is important that the back is straight but flexible, the shoulders relaxed.
Imagine a thread that leads upwards from the apex of the head.
You try to feel the alignment of the spine, letting the shoulders drop downwards.
We realize we are breathing.
Inhale from the nose, exhale from the slightly ajar mouth.
We focus on the observation of the breath, for a few minutes, on the two pauses between inhalation and exhalation.

Equilibrium. One observes one’s own balance, the weight of the body distributed on both feet. First on one foot, then on the other. With your feet always firmly rooted to the ground, you try to move back and forth, like a tree blown by the wind.
With the feet slightly apart, you try to incline your body diagonally, then you widen your gaze, looking in front of you at a distant point and following your hands which, with outstretched arms, slowly widen.

Control. You walk freely in space choosing the various points of the body as the motors of movement: belly, neck, hands, head, knees, pelvis, shoulder.
We get carried away.
In this way we observe the change between balance and imbalance, seeking control of the movement.
The walk continues.
You choose an initially slow pace that increases until it becomes fast and then becomes racing.
From running you slow down, then slower and slower, until you almost stop.
Then you walk freely again and stop when the conductor of the exercise produces a stop signal (clap of hands, or gong).
Stopping or suspending can also be done by listening to a piece of music that is interrupted at will by the conductor, always following different rhythms.
In the silence of the music, even the body of the participants stops in space.
Go ashore in a given time (10 seconds, then 5 seconds, then 2 seconds).
At best, up to the supine position with the shoulders on the ground, otherwise even just sitting down.
Then with the same times (10 seconds, then 5 seconds, then 2 seconds), you get back on your feet.
Another step of the exercise is to walk, from one part of the room to the other, with different actions and feelings, for example crossing the space experiencing opposite qualities:
first fear and then courage, indecision / decision, sleep / haste, sadness / happiness.

Music: Arvo Part / Spiegel im Spiegel


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