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Creative writing as a tool for personal growth

Creative writing is a tool for personal growth.
It allows you to reorganize ideas and clarify certain emotional contents. Creative writing provides a structure that manages to contain the fluidity of thoughts. Consequently, there is a relaxation of tensions and one confronts oneself by coming into contact with a chaos (fears, doubts, confusion) to be transformed into the cosmos.
The exercise of writing increases awareness of emotions and thoughts. Using the written word confronts a choice, forces us to accurately identify the content of the narrative, and consequently the most suitable language to show it, rather than describe it.
Taking the time to research the words and reflect on the attribution of meaning allows you to perceive them in a different way and, perhaps, to think about acting in a different way.
Writing is an opportunity for the expression and development of creativity.
Creative writing as a composition, but also as a development and transformation.
Writing free from the sense of vagueness towards memories, events, desires that are often the basis of inspiration, represent the drive towards narration. That self-narration which, in some cases, becomes literary language, but which in any case produces well-being, a sense of liberation

Duration 45 minutes

The title invites the participant to tell, starting from their personal experience, a moment in which they perceived that a radical change was taking place in their life.
The third person is recommended so as to be able to transform the stream of consciousness into something more shareable, trying to avoid tones from a diary or therapeutic session, in favor of a short composition in which one or more characters act in a certain circumstance and environment that you represent a passage.
There are no indications or limits on the length of the story.
It is a useful exercise to make people understand the need for conflict leading to change. Because there is no history without conflict.


The four elements are the primordial energies. They represent the environment of the human being, but also the symbols of one’s existence.
Water as a source of life and a regenerating principle, but also as a symbol of calm, welcome, the inner world, the unconscious, the weight of memories. Air as an intangible space, but also lightness / superficiality, joy, movement, imagination, freedom. Fire as a dynamic and transformative element, but also passion, anger, heat, warmth, destruction. Earth as an element of nature therefore as a connection between the mineral, vegetable and animal world, but as stability, reliability, rationality, solidity, rigidity, coldness, immovability.

The exercise provides that the four elements are transposed in their meanings, within the plot, but also in the language. Situations and characters of water, earth, air and fire.
The conductor will invite the participants to choose one of the 4 elements and to write a short piece, being careful not to take the cue as an exercise in style in the choice of language alone, but as a composition where there is the essence of the natural element in question.

Example of exercise on the 4 elements
February 2022
Isabella Galastri

“I stand behind the door to 102, trying to eavesdrop.
Marina, the nurse on the second floor of the Maragliano Pavilion in Volterra, is discussing with a hoarse voice that I do not recognize.
I feel drops of sweat slipping from my forehead, reaching my mouth and mingling with the little saliva I have left when I hear them say they will have to kill us all before Sunday.
The cooled voice is saying that at least four of us were drowned in the green cisterns that collect rainwater at the bottom of the garden, behind the stone fountain.
To remove the bodies without emptying them, he had to dive to untie the ropes on the bottom, the water was muddy and freezing and when he re-emerged he hit those rotten crap that floated.
Putrid crap, he said.
I cry. ”


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