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How I use the CLEA approach in my work – Gianni Bruschi Seme Italy

This is how I use the CLEA experience in my work.

Regardless of the groups I work with (trainee educators, teachers, young people, children, adults, people with disabilities or the elderly), I start from an internal look at myself, trying to find each time a condition of presence and respect to my body, to my sensations or emotions, returning to a center of presence, and then moving towards listening and observing each individual participant and the whole group.

All of us human beings educate or miseducate each other, at all times, mostly without realizing it and unwittingly. Our voice, our movements, the things we do in the thousand situations of life and above all “how we do them” reveal people.

We always convey a subtle quality to others, something that can make them freer or not.

This is why I tend to seek calm, serenity and kindness at the basis of every encounter.

I initially use simple, introspective techniques, which can bring all participants back to a glance of their inner world, with presence and self-aware listening, which can be expressed by everyone, to promote a relaxed group atmosphere.

The lesson, the meeting, sometimes becomes a moment of sharing one’s experiences, where everyone is on the same level (facilitator and participant). The suspension of any type of judgment becomes important. Everyone recognizes himself as a human being in his functioning in the world, in sharing with the experience of others.

I propose the ability to relate in an unconventional way with others, starting from silence, listening to one’s breath, working on the area and on the voice and consequently the practice of artistic disciplines such as singing, theater, movement in space, forms of expression innate in the human being also in relation to the culture of origin, religion or social status.

These practices lead in a creative way to get to know each other more, up to a collective experience, often ritual, which makes us talk about ourselves as a group.

Self-care and care for others

Listening to oneself and listening to the other

Awareness of oneself, awareness of the other

By Gianni Bruschi Seme – Italy


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