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How I use the CLEA approach in my work – Lucia Attimonelli Sintagmi Italy

The CLEA approach aims to include in the arts and expressive contexts at the service of educational action for:

  • the life of individuals, groups, societies;
  • the health of individuals, groups, society;
  • ethical behavior for individuals, groups, society;
  • for the support and respect for values ​​such as
    • freedom of expression
    • authenticity
    • civil coexistence
    • the centrality of competences for awareness on the existence and management of conflicts.CLEA is not a method and I don’t know if it will become a method.The method is a defined and definable path but CLEA has very wide, free and rich possibilities because it makes use of all the arts and languages ​​of the body with its educational purposes.

      I believe that for this CLEA now cannot be called method.

      It can be an approach.

CLEA will become a method if it makes precise choices in educational projects and paths. It is an approach when it includes many methods for different and numerous educational purposes.

In conclusion, in my opinion, CLEA currently has the dignity of being supported as a paradigm because it condenses the potential of methods that, used extensively, can lead educational functions to be as effective as possible for the well-being of the greatest number of people, in their own time, on earth.

-A single bibliographic reference, by synthesis, Agnes Heller’s theory of needs which distinguishes radical needs (introspection, friendship, love, conviviality, play) from derived needs (power, possession, money).

By Lucia Attimonelli – Sintagmi Italy


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