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How I use the CLEA approach in my work – Marta Mendes Portugal

I work with the CLEA approach with adult population. mostly migrant women of African descent.

The activities that use art as a method of intervention work with a therapeutic effect, as a form of expression of past and present feelings. It is possible to speak freely about these feelings between his/her equals and professionals, creating a greater relationship of proximity and empathy between all.

Between them it is possible to expand the proximity network and the strengthening and expansion of the informal network.

With the technicians, the proximity relationship allowed a knowledge of the life history of each one, as well as facilitating interaction outside the office context, for a more community context or on the street, in a less formal context, managing to get to the more “hidden” problem.

Working with a team of professionals from different areas and with different competences allows a multidisciplinary intervention, with an exchange of knowledge and understanding between all. Despite what matters is to make people feel that your words, experience, knowledge and competences are important and have value.

by Marta Mendes Casa Seis Portugal


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