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Self-reflection on the “luggage”

Here are the some questions to guide you/the learners in self-reflection on your/their “luggage”

Do I want to check-in my luggage?

Having checked in your luggage, let’s define the goal of your luggage’s educational journey.

What is the story of your luggage? What kind of luggage is it and what are you carrying inside.

What is the capacity of your luggage? What are its capabilities?

Where is your luggage now?

Building on the previous stages, what action do you need to take to reach your goal?

We are now gently going to open the luggage and take a look what is inside. Is it full? Is it heavy? Are there any hidden compartments?

Do you remember everything that you packed in your luggage?

Do you need to unpack or pack differently?

How much or how little can you fit into your luggage?

What are the qualities of your luggage?

 Where is your luggage now?

You want to establish if your luggage has what it takes to reach your destination. By knowing your luggage you can evaluate if you are strong enough to carry it. You might need help from somebody else.

Or maybe you are carrying somebody else’s luggage?


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