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Through and thanks to Spazio Seme, OIDA – Orchestra Instabile Di Arezzo it is associated partner of the European project CLEA.EducActions

OIDA Campus 2021 is an important training moment not only for the high musical education of students but because it incorporates concrete actions aimed at the implementation of non-formal and informal learning, through music, theater, writing, movement and improvisation, as a support for the development of essential interpersonal, communication and cognitive skills. The teachers and operators of the program will be involved thanks to meetings prior to the Campus, both online and face-to-face to discuss the methodologies that will be adopted.

OIDA Campus, is a project conceived by OIDA – Orchestra Instabile of Arezzo, under the artistic direction of Lorenzo Rossi and Paolo Vaccari and conducted by 4 professional educators / trainers. It is a music campus for girls and boys aged between 10 and 20, structured in 2 weeks: the first dedicated to junior musicians (10-14 years from 12 to 18 July 2021) and the second to senior musicians (14- 20 years from 19 to 25 July 2021).

Participants will share 7 intense days during which they will deepen the chamber and orchestral repertoire with their own instrument or will undertake an introductory course for the chosen instrument, they will get to know each other, they will tell their respective experiences in the spirit and according to an innovative educational-training method for the overall performance proposed by OIDA, a method that enhances individual and collective performance in a reciprocal dynamic, drawing from each the personal inspiring motives of their artistic talent. The young participants will be led, through their musical instruments and other artistic means (bodily expression, dance, theater) to give voice to the personal and collective experience lived, communicated and elaborated, reaching together, at the end of the path, a performance creative novelty that will be open to the public. Participants will acquire a new human and professional competence that will enable them to perform collective performances in which they will be able to give, with surprise for themselves, the best of themselves.

These are the main areas of activity: Orchestra rehearsals and section rehearsals Deepening of the various artistic disciplines Interdisciplinary path of the Expressive Arts: theater, body movement, voice, storytelling Chamber music Excursions in the Casentinesi Forests Visit to the most secret places of the Sanctuary of La Verna Symphonic-orchestral performance and final creative performance Concluding concert Goals Deepen the orchestral repertoire and ensemble music; Promote a community dimension, in which young people are promoters of coexistence, based on understanding and respect for the other; Practicing outdoor activities as a tool for knowledge, aggregation and cooperation between young people;Ability to dialogue with other artistic registers other than one’s specific.


Chiusi della Verna and the Casentinesi Forest Park. Young people who participate in OIDA Campus will be encouraged to be inspired by the place that welcomes them to become, together, creative; a place recognized as one of the most beautiful in Italy and in the world: the Casentino. Precisely the Casentino Forest National Park, which houses a jewel of culture, art and spirituality visited by over a million people every year: the Franciscan sanctuary of La Verna.


Volfango Dami – Director

Massimo Melani (trumpet) – brass arranger and preparer

Paola Stendardi (violin) – string tuner
Gianni Bruschi – actor / singer
Francesco Botti – Actor / director and writer
Leonardo Lambruschini –  Performer / teacher
Consuelo Pacheco – Dancer /Educator of the Movement
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